Would you like a historian to assist you in researching and writing about your veteran’s military service?  Hunter Writers Centre includes Katrina on their Writing Services webpage.

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Katrina has assisted families to identify a range of sources to learn more about their veterans experiences. Primary and secondary sources include POW diaries and memoirs, documents including service files held within National Archives Australia and The National Archives UK, Red Cross cards, POW Trust Fund applications and the literature about war history.

This research has looked into prisoners held in captivity in Europe during the Second World war, as well as POWs held in Changi and who worked on the Thai-Burma Railway.

Katrina assisted Dr Jackie Huggins and Ngaire Jarro to obtain sources about their father in Japanese captivity 1942- 1945 for their book Jack of Hearts QX11594 released 2022 by Magabala Books.

National Archives Australia Canberra reading room April 2022